The Church of the Divine Earth

With respect to the Universal Divine Source, the Great Mystery, our Creator, Romuva is a polytheistic pagan faith which asserts the sanctity of nature as well as the practice of ancestor veneration. Adherents of Romuva believe that the souls of those who die continue to exist in the afterlife and stay with the living family and descendants. Additionally:

We believe

that a spiritual force of great power imbues all nature; in the force of love and kindness and that these qualities seek the welfare of others; in the sanctity of life and in the inherent worth and dignity of every individual and uphold as truth that all people have equal claim to that sanctity; that all things have a spirit or a soul and that there exists a Divine Spirit in all life; that the physical world, as an emanation of the Divine, is good and to be enjoyed by all things in love and harmony; that mediation of another being is unnecessary for an individual to commune with Deity; that all beings are personal emanations of the Divine.

Regarding the teachings that human nature is flawed and that there is something fundamentally wrong with all human beings that must be corrected in order to reach that religion's idea of salvation or enlightenment, we hold those to be flawed. This wrongness may be referred to as original sin or ego or desire or free will or any other of a number of names, but the existence and overcoming of this inherent wrongness is the basis of certain spiritual practices, sacraments and ethics practiced by their members. In such religions, the wrongness frequently doesn't end with human beings but extends into the entire physical world so that we are seen to be surrounded by wrongness, to be spiritually unsafe and are encouraged to feel that life is a very dangerous undertaking.

Ours is a way of living, praying and connecting to the flow of the universe. Our spirituality addresses the existence and nature of Deity, the relationship of ourselves and the universe with the Divine, the nature and scope of human existence, what happens to us after death, the nature of the physical and nonphysical universe and our relationship to that universe. Our practices include everything from meditation, quiet walks, divination, to gardening and massage.

Each day and each evening, give thanks for the life within you and for all life, for the things the Creator has given you and for the opportunity to grow a little more each day. Consider your thoughts and actions of the past day and seek for the courage and strength to become a better person.

Treat the Earth and all of Her aspects as your Mother. Remember that the Spirit of our Creator fills all creation and through our Creator all are relational; Bask in the belief of a Reality beyond the material world; Be mindful of Nature's littlest things; Do not ridicule that which you do not understand; Honor Nature and attempt to learn Her ways; Respect your ancestors and the sacredness of Nature.

Basic Pagan Beliefs
Excerpts from "Thorsons Principles of Paganism" by Vivianne Crowley

Paganism is an indigenous religion. It is based on teachings handed down through myth and sage over thousands of years.

Some Pagans worship the Gods of their ancestors or of the land in which they live. Still others worship the Gods and Goddesses that resonate with them whether or not they have a tie to the particular area of the world those Gods and Goddesses originally appeared.

Many worship the Great Mother Goddess, seeing all the different forms in which She has been worshiped as a number of aspects of Her -- that all are, in fact, Her.

We believe that spiritual knowledge unfolds from within ourselves.

The Pagan way is not the only way. Because of this, we do not preach to others or try to convert people, since there is no need. We believe that there are many paths to the Divine.

A Norse priestess, called Sigrid the Proud, explained to the Christian missionaries who tried to convert her:     I must not depart from the faith which I have held and my ancestors before me; on the other hand, I shall make no objection to your believing in the God that pleases you best.

Pagan religions are religions of tolerance. However, that does not mean we will tolerate oppression, suppression, or other human-conceived evils. 

The purpose of Paganism is to remind us all that we are not alone -- that we are important and integral parts of the universe. The Divine is within all living things, including ourselves. We celebrate the joy of life and all living things. 

We are concerned about the state of the planet, because the Divine should be protected. Most Pagans recognize that the very existence of the human race is a threat to the rest of the planet. We must honor the life forms which have lived on our planet for millennia. We are to tread lightly upon the Earth, take what we need, leave what we do not, and honor the Gods for providing for us by giving back to the Earth. 

The newer religions of the past 2,000 years are based on what we see as a fundamental error -- that the Divine is male and only male. This is a strange belief to a Pagan. The Divine has manifested Itself over the ages as both God and Goddess to help us understand the complexity of the Divine. If we worship only one half of the Divine, understanding is lost. We teach that both sexes are equally valuable and necessary, for life cannot exist without male and female.

We believe strongly in balance and harmony. No quality to excess is good. We must learn to use qualities skillfully, but inevitably we fail at times. We accept that we are much less than perfect, and all of us will get things wrong. To start again and make amends, we must address the imbalance and counter it – we must give back in some way to counteract something taken or abused. This may not happen immediately, or even not for days or years later...but eventually, balance will prevail. 

Because we believe the Divine is everywhere and in each of us, we can be in union with the Divine in both this life and the next. We do not focus on what the neighbors do or don't have. Rather, we celebrate and enjoy life and the gift of consciousness, which is a major miracle in itself. There is no need to flee Earth to find non-material bliss. We should celebrate our Earthly incarnation, and enjoy life to the fullest.